For Hotrodder – Rust'n'Dust – Dirt Track Race

A tip from Rusty Rotten

One of the most interesting event for Hotrodder this year takes place in 2016 for the 8th time in Teterow – the Rust'n'Dust Jalopy Dirt Track Race.

Crazy HotRod-Mechanics drive their precious material to the limits in order to the Teterower Bergring – the Hillclimb – as every year each other to the vomit to measure in a duel.

Des HotRodders neat test drive

Later, when slowly the adrenaline subsides, you can listen late at night useful rockabilly music and the sound from V8 HotRods or Bobber there driving like a batty in a Testoval the last oil from the engine block. Visitors who arrive without Oldtimer take at least feel and exhaust on to possibly become infected with the virus.

Rock n Roll from Dusk till Dawn

Also in 2016 you can listen again in a dusty atmosphere unique bands or move your body sporty in rhythm. Especially for the scene traveling bands like: Jake Calypso & his Red Hot from France, So Fucking What from Germany, The Radions from Spain and The Cherry Crackers also to from Germany. Interesting DJs are probably at the start.

More information can be found here:

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